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Kuehl 507 Rotary AC Compressor for Porsche 911,930

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Kuehl 507 Rotary AC Compressor for Porsche 911,930

Our Kuehl 507 Rotary AC Compressor for Porsche 911,930 for the Porsche 911 or Porsche 930, with clutch, is an alternative to the old York compressor.   Compatible with R12 and R134a refrigerant.  Our Kuehl 507 compressor has service ports conveniently located the side of the compressor body for quick and easy servicing.

You should replace your receiver drier when replacing the compressor. We strongly suggest adding a “high/low” pressure switch to your ac system to help protect your compressor; we offer a unique solution to this which incorporates the high/low switch into a new compressor to deck lid hose. See our Hose section.

  • R12 and R134a compatible
  • 1 year limited factory warranty
  • We do not charge a core deposit for this item.
  • You do not have to return your old compressor core.


  • LH and RH drive
  • Porsche 911, 1977 through 1983
  • Porsche 930, 1974-1983


  • New Compressor with clutch, fully compatible with R12 or R134a refrigerants.
  • Ester or PAG refrigerant oil, you choose when ordering at check out.
  • O-rings for  hose connections
  • Limited Warranty by Griffiths

Replaces OEM Part Number

  • 911-126-901-00


Our Kuehl 507 Compressor requires an adapter plate to mount the compressor to existing York compressor supports.  The compressor does not include the adapter plate.  However, we offer new compressor adapter plates and complete compressor bracket sets HERE.
Our Kuehl Compressor will also require 90 o-ring fittings on your hose ends, a #10 of for the inlet and #8 for the outlet.
Your hoses should have crimped fittings. If you do not have hoses we can customer make hoses for you.

When you place your order please choose the type of refrigerant oil you wish to use in your system. We can provide you either Ester or PAG and here is how you can determine which is the best option of oil to choose:

  • 1) If you plan to continue to use R12 refrigerant, OR, if you are converting from R12 over to R134a, then we suggest you pick Ester oil.
  • 2) If you car has already been converted to R134a then the type of oil could be either Ester or PAG.  If the conversion procedure was well documented then there should be a “blue” colored R134a refrigerant sticker somewhere in the engine compartment noting the type of oil, or the service work order or invoice might note the type of oil, or you could contact the service facility whom did the work and ask them, or contact the previous owner.

We suggest that if the system has Ester or PAG that you continue to use that same type of oil and not mix the two.

If you are unsure as to what refrigerant oil you should choose, please contact us and we will assist you

Additional Information

Weight 17 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 11 × 10 in
Refrigerant Oil Type


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