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Porsche 928 AC Compressors & Kits




Purchase Griffiths 928 AC Compressor Upgrade kits, Nippondenso compressors, and Kuehl compressor kits.

928 Compressors & Upgrade Kits

928 Compressors & Upgrade Kits

Nippodenso and Kuehl compressor kits


Griffiths offers OEM Porsche air conditioning compressors and our Kuehl brand alternate solution compressor “kit” for your Porsche 928, model years 1978-1995, both LH and RH drives and R134a & R12 compatible.

Porsche 928 compressor,928-126-010

Porsche 928 Nippondenso Compressors

Our factory Denso OEM compressors come complete with clutch. The quality is like “new”….what this means is if you disassembled one of our Denso rebuilt compressors what you would see is new quality parts.  Unlike aftermarket re-builders offering cheap rebuilds, these Denso units are like new!

Porsche 928 Kuehl AC Compressor Kit 1978-1979


Kuehl Porsche 928 Compressors Kits

Our Kuehl Porsche 928 Compressor kits bolt right on to your existing compressor mount. The Kuehl is simple to install!  Our kit includes everything you’ll need and is R134a ready. The Kuehl Compressor Kit includes a New Compressor & Clutch, mounting hardware, New Barrier Hoses to connect Compressor to Condenser andCompressor to Evaporator outlet pipe, New Drier, new Belt, R134a charge port adapters, refrigerant oil, and detailed instructions with pictures.

Porsche 928 Compressor Part Numbers

Griffiths offers compressors and upgrade kits to replace all of the following part numbers:

928 Compressors & Kits
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