Porsche 944-968 Fuel Lines



Purchase Kuehl Porsche 944-968 Fuel Lines direct from Griffiths.


Griffiths manufactures Porsche 944-968 Fuel Lines. Our lines use the latest SAE J30R9 hose which has a higher resistance to standard petrol fuel, biofuels and alcohol fuels such as E85. Griffiths fuel lines also have a lower permeation rate compared to original stock hose and older J30 specs. Our hose material is EPA Certified and CARB certified (C-U-07-17). We use steel components with a protective plating passing EU recommendations. Griffiths fuel line fittings conform to DIN mating standards. We also pressure test every fuel line. Unlike competitors, we do not incorporate used components. All components are 100% new.

Porsche 944-968 Fuel Lines Part Numbers

Griffiths manufactures Fuel Lines to replace all of the following part numbers:


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