Mr. Ice Project

The goal of the Mr. Ice Project was to achieve the lowest air conditioning cooling temperatures obtainable with R134a refrigerant in a Porsche 911 air conditioning system.  At best a stock Porsche 911 (years 78 through 1989 with factory air & front and rear condensers) converted from R12 to R134a refrigerant might produce temperature of 45-50 degrees in an ambient (outside air) temperature of 85 to 90 F. These reported vent temperatures are again “at best”. Though some ac technicians have been able to achieve lower vent temperatures their success rate is very rare.

Mr. Ice Project - 911-930 Porsche Air Conditioning Upgrade

The very proud Mr. Ice Project Team
(from left to right)
Safety Engineer – Sarah Griffiths
Mechanical Engineer – Jesse Griffiths
System Engineer – Carly Griffiths
Testing & Compliance Engineer – Shane Griffiths

Griffiths Technical Inc. successfully lowered the a/c vent temperature down to 33 F in this 1982 Porsche 911 air conditioning system (the SC yellow banana). In addition to lower temperatures we managed to improve the integrity (reduced refrigerant leaks, extended the life the a/c components) and increased and improved air flow in the cockpit. The story behind The Mr. Ice Project lead to the development of our new Kuehl® product line of Porsche air conditioning components: barrier hose lines, high performance serpentine condensers, serpentine evaporators, vents and variable speed fan controls. A complete line of Porsche 911 air conditioning upgrades and improvements, as well as Porsche 930 air conditioning upgrades and improvements were developed through this project. More importantly, The Mr. Ice Project will provided you with a better understanding of your Porsche 911 & 930 air conditioning system and the best way to improve your 911 or 930 air conditiong performance with the right upgrades. Notes

  1. This initial article discusses a 1982 Porsche 911SC. In later projects we used the same procedures to obtain like and “better” results with updates and upgrades for earlier as well as later year Porsche 911 models and Porsche 930 turbo models.
  2. After this project was completed we have developed a substantial number of air conditioning improvements and upgrades for the Porsche line of air cooled engines. So be sure to visit our exclusive Porsche 911 and Porsche 930 AC Products page … after you read the story.

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