Project Summary

The new Kuehl product line of air conditioning components provide a major improvement over the stock air conditioning systems in Porsche 911’s and 930’s. We and other Kuehl customers are able to achieve and document extremely low vent temperatures, at safe pressure levels as compared to the stock air conditioning system in the Porsche 911 and 930 using R134a. Though “coldness” results will vary due to the particular Kuehl items you bolt on, climate, vehicle conditions, charge level and pressures, overall the addition of Kuehl products and use of R134a charge levels, yields great results.

You can now drive your 911 or 930 more days out of the year rather than have your investment sit in the garage.

From an “investment” standpoint you will most likely, should you ever choose to do so, sell your car more quickly and at a higher price as you will have the “coldest” 911 or 930 in town.

Kuehl products are relatively easy to install, not requiring any specialized equipment or knowledge, however we do recommend that you leave the evacuation and charging of the refrigerant to an experienced a/c tech. Kuehl products come with well written installation instructions containing pictorial views which guide you easily along. Griffiths has designed the various Kuehl components to fit neatly and rather quickly in the car, as if it were OEM equipment. If you are wondering whether you can install a Kuehl Condenser system in your 911 or 930, the answer is YES. With Kuehl air conditioning improvements in your 911 or 930 you can make your 911 or 930 your daily driver.

Disclaimer Note

The vent temperature ranges we achieved are real. And, we have achieved lower vent temperatures in later tests on various 911 and 930 models. However, we cannot guarantee or warranty the same performance levels for any given car for various reasons: (1) depending upon the the color of the car interior and exterior, the number of occupants in the car adding to the heat load, variations in humidity levels, outside air leaks entering the vehicle through the dash or heater valve box valves not closed completely, (2) the variances in vehicle equipment, such as the thermostatic switch, compressor, condensers, expansion valve, etc. (3) and you have to follow the directions.

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