Car History

We located a typical Porsche 911 with original factory installed air conditioning, this would mean a model that has:

  • R12 Refrigerant
  • Porsche factory rear deck lid condenser
  • Porsche factory front condenser with it’s auxiliary electric blower
  • York crank shaft type compressor
  • Porsche non barrier rubber ac hose lines
  • Behr evaporator, expansion valve, with blower motor mounted under the front hood in the “smuggeler’s box”
  • Factory Receiver drier in the LH front wheel well
  • Primary A/C outlet air vent above the radio
  • Auxillary A/C “bow tie” outlet air vent in the bulkhead (firewall) in front of the console
  • Two small auxillary A/C outlet air vents on left and right sides of dash
  • Center console with thermostat and fan speed controls

The yellow 1982 SC Porsche 911, shown on the project introduction page, was dropped off to our facility in the early Spring so we could spend some quality time with the car. This Porsche 911SC had under 62k miles. The body and interior were in very good condition; the owner was a perfectionist. However, the Porsche 911 air conditioning system was non functional: having a low refrigerant level from system leaks and other problems. The following pages describe the basic steps we took achieve our winning goals: colder vent temperatures using R134a refrigerant, in a Porsche 911!

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