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Porsche 911-930 Air Conditioning Upgrades

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Choose a category above to learn more about Griffiths upgrades for the 911-930 air conditioning parts. We also offer complete system upgrades. To get a quote on a complete AC system upgrade for your Porsche 911-930, read the Mr. Ice Project.

Air Conditioning Upgrades for Porsche 911-930 

Griffiths supplies Air Conditioning Upgrades for the Porsche 911, 911s, 911t, 911 turbo, and 930 models in the Porsche 911-930 family.  We design, manufacture, and distribute a full line of upgrades and components for your Porsche 911-930 air conditioning needs. If you are not familiar with how the air conditioning system works on your Porsche 911-930, we strongly encourage you to read the Mr. Ice Project.  It will walk you through every detail of the air conditioning system used in your Porsche 911, with step-by-step instructions for diagnosing and solving air conditioning problems and issues.  Also included is a walk through of how we cooled a fully stock Porsche 911 down to 32 degrees using R134a.  At the end of the Mr. Ice Project, there is a questionnaire form that you can fill out to receive a quote on a Mr. Ice Project for your Porsche 911-930.

Barrier Hoses for Porsche 911-930 

The stock ac refrigerant hoses in your Porsche 911-930 are not reliable. They leaked the day they came out of the factory because of the materials used in both the rubber and the fittings. If you are experiencing air conditioning problems with your Porsche 911-930, the first thing you will need to replace is the factory ac hoses.  Griffiths offers Barrier Hoses and Hose Sets, which are designed specifically to reduce and prevent refrigerant leakage in your Porsche 911-930’s air conditioning system. Upgrading your ac hoses will improve the reliability and integrity of your Porsche.  Visit the Porsche 911-930 Barrier Hoses page to learn more about our Barrier Hoses.

Blower & Fan Motors for Porsche 911-930 

Griffiths offers several ac blower and fan motors for your Porsche 911-930. We have OEM blower motors available to replace the existing fan motors used for the Fresh Air Blower Motor and the Front Condenser Blower Motor.  Over time, these motors will get worn out and will eventually fail, preventing your Porsche 911-930 air conditioning system from performing correctly and reducing airflow.  Griffiths also offers the Wirbelsturm Evaporator Blower Motor which will increase your airflow at the vents by 30% compared to the OEM Bosch Motor, and 15% compared to competitors. Visit the Porsche 911-930 Blower & Fan Motors page to learn more.

Climate Controls for Porsche 911-930 

Your Porsche 911-930’s air conditioning system offers 2 distinguishable airflow speeds: nothing, nothing, nothing, and full blast.  Griffiths designed a new Variable Speed Climate Control system to replace the OEM fan speed controller.  It is designed to match the OEM styling, so it will blend in with your stock dashboard.  Griffiths also offers replacement AC thermostats for your Porsche 911-930 air conditioning system.  Visit the Porsche 911-930 Climate Controls page to learn more.

Compressors & Kits for Porsche 911-930 

When you need to replace the compressor on your Porsche 911, you have a few options depending on the year of your 911-930. Griffiths offers OEM York compressors, Nippondenso compressors, & Kuehl 507 piston compressors for your Porsche 911-930. Visit the Porsche 911-930 Compressors page to learn more about your options before you buy.

Condensers for Porsche 911-930 

If you read the Mr. Ice Project, you know about the Kuehl Fender Condensers & Duehl Kuehl Condensers that Griffiths offers to supercool your Porsche 911-930 air conditioning system. Griffiths offers these condensers only with the purchase of a complete Mr. Ice Project.  If you want to learn more about our condensers for your Porsche 911, including the high performance front condenser and deck lid condenser, visit the Porsche 911-930 Condensers page.

Receiver Driers for Porsche 911-930 

Anytime you expose your Porsche 911-930’s air conditioning system to air or contaminants, you will need to replace your ac receiver drier.  The drier captures contaminants and foreign particles in your Porsche 911-930’s air conditioning system, keeping it running pure and intact.  Griffiths offers Kuehl Driers for your Porsche 911-930.  Visit the Porsche 911-930 Driers page to learn more about our driers.

Evaporators for Porsche 911-930 

One of our most popular Porsche 911-930 air conditioning upgrades is the Kuehl High Performance Evaporator.  It makes a measurable impact on your 911-930’s ac system performance.  Compared to the OEM tube-and-fin evaporator, the Kuehl Evaporator has only 2 braised joints, more surface area, and is even lighter.  Visit the Porsche 911-930 Evaporators page to learn more.

Expansion Valves for Porsche 911-930 

Griffiths offers Kuehl Expansion valves in both o-ring and flare models for your Porsche 911-930 air conditioning system.  Visit the Porsche 911-930 Expansion Valve page to learn more.

R134a Conversion Kits for Porsche 911-930 

Are you looking to convert your Porsche 911-930 from R12 to R134a? Read the Mr. Ice Project to learn about R134a conversions.  When you are ready to buy, visit the Porsche 911-930 R134a Conversion Kits page to learn about the kits Griffiths offers.

Reliability Upgrade Packages for Porsche 911-930 

Our Reliability Upgrade Kits provide upgraded components for the majority of your Porsche 911-930 air conditioning system.  Griffiths’ Reliability kits offer improved reliability and cooling for your Porsche 911-930, at a reduced cost compared to buying the components individually.  Visit the Porsche 911-930 Reliability Packages page to learn about the benefits and choose your kit.

Vents for Porsche 911-930 

Griffiths designed the Kuehl Vent to dramatically change your level of comfort while driving your Porsche 911-930. The Kuehl vent adds an additional vent to your Porsche 911-930 right where you need it most – in-between the dashboard and the center console.  Best of all, the Kuehl Vent installs in just 10 minutes with a few common tools.  Visit the Porsche 911-930 Vents page to see the full line of vents that Griffiths offers for your 911-930, along with a demonstration video on the Center Kuehl Vent.

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