Porsche 911-930 Vents



Purchase Porsche 911-930 Vents direct from Griffiths. Featuring our best-selling Kuehl vent for the center console. Also available are upgraded Duehl Kuehl and Tri Kuehl vents for maximum airflow in your Porsche. We also have VPC Replacement AC Vents available.

911-930 Vents

911-930 Vents

Kuehl vents and VPC vents


Get cold air where you want it with The Kuehl Vent. Griffiths’ Kuehl vents are fully adjustable! Direct air up, down, left, or right from the center console. The Kuehl Vent replaces the factory “bow tie” floor vent located on the lower bulkhead (fire wall) in front of your AC floor console. The Kuehl Vent fits Porsche 911 and 930 model years 1978-1989. We preassembled the vent so it installs in just 15 minutes. This is a non-invasive installation (meaning no cutting, drilling, or gluing) that requires just 2 wrenches. The Kuehl Vent does not interfere with the ashtray operation. Best of all The Kuehl Vent was designed to look and function as close to OEM as possible. After installing your Kuehl Vent, you’ll be convinced it belongs their.

The Problem

A problem with the 911 and 930 air conditioning system is a lack of vents.

911-930 Vent Problem

The Solution

Now you can solve that problem in just 15 minutes by installing the Kuehl center vent by Griffiths.

The Kuehl Vent
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