Porsche 911-930 Receiver Driers



Purchase Kuehl AC Receiver Driers for Porsche 911 and 930 direct from Griffiths.

911-930 Receiver Driers

911-930 Receiver Driers

Kuehl 911-930 Receiver Drier


Griffiths offers Kuehl Porsche 911-930 Air Conditioning Receiver Driers (R12 and R134a compatible) for model years 1970-1989. Kuehl Receiver Driers are a direct drop in replacement for the stock OEM drier. Kuehl driers use XH9 type desiccant which is compatible with R134a and R12 refrigerants. Includes new o-rings and flare adapters for earlier years.

Change your drier when:

  • You change refrigerant types
  • You change oil types
  • The drier is over 4 years old
  • There are signs of excessive moisture in the system (expansion valve sticking)
  • There are signs of contamination such as debris or gelled oil
  • You have had a compressor break down or lock up

Porsche 911-930 Receiver Drier Part Numbers

Griffiths offers aftermarket Kuehl Receiver Driers to replace all of the following part numbers:

911-930 Receiver Driers
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