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Porsche 911-912-930 Receiver Drier

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911-573-139-01, 911-573-139-03, 911-573-939-02, 911-573-939-03, 91157313901, 91157313903, 91157393902, 91157393903

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Porsche 911-912-930 Receiver Drier

Griffiths’ Kuehl brand Porsche 911-912-930 Receiver Drier.  The Kuehl drier replaces part numbers 911-573-939-02 and 911-573-939-03.   R12 and R134a compatible for model years 1965-1989.  Fits all models with receiver drier mounted in LH front fender.  Driers should be changed when you changing refrigerant types, oil types, the drier is over 4 years old when there are signs of excessive moisture in the system (expansion valve sticking), signs of contamination such as debris or gelled oil, or you have had a compressor break down or lock up.  To replace the drier first ensure there is no refrigerant in the system.  Put the vehicle on a lift or support it safely on jack stands on level ground.  Remove the LH side front tire.  Disconnect the 2 hoses attached to the drier.  Loosen drier strap clamp.  Inspect and clean the hose end connections.  If your vehicle has flare fittings (typically 1965-1983 model years) remove the old copper crush washers if they are still on the hose fittings.  Insert our flare adapters with o-rings (lubricate with refrigerant oil).  If your vehicle has o-ring fittings (typically 1984-1989 model years) remove the o-rings if they are still on the hose fittings.  The top port on the drier is the outlet port.  The lower port on the drier is the inlet port.  The top outlet port is attached to the hose that goes to the expansion valve located at the evaporator.  The lower inlet port is attached to the hose that goes to the condenser.   With the new drier mounted in the strap clamp set the drier as high as you can and position the drier so the hoses will not make contact with the front tire when the vehicle is on the ground and the tire is turned fully left.  Snug up hose fittings and tighten the drier strap clamp.  Evacuate, charge, sniff for leaks and test the system.

  • Our Porsche 911-930 Receiver Drier is a direct replacement for the stock OEM drier
  • Our driers contain XH9 type desiccant which is compatible with both R12 and R134a refrigerants
  • 1 year limited warranty


  • O-rings and Flare Adapters so you can use our drier for all model years, 1965 through 1989
  • 2 all stainless clamps

Fits these Applications

  • All models, LH and RH drive,  with receiver drier, mounted in LH side front fender.
  • Porsche 911, 1965-1989
  • Porsche 930, 1974-1989
  • If your drier is located in the RH front fender, you will want to look at This Drier

Replaces OEM Part Numbers

  • 911-573-139-01
  • 911-573-139-03
  • 911-573-939-02
  • 911-573-939-03

Additional Information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 4 × 4 in

17 reviews for Porsche 911-912-930 Receiver Drier

  1. Marvin E Chambers

  2. marcos machado

  3. David LOUZEK

    Great part. Great help on the technical line.

  4. Jerry Dinser

  5. gerhard b.

  6. Jonathan

    Perfect fit and high quality

  7. Frederick S.

  8. Glenn

    Excellent quality with great instructions.

  9. Daniel Mendez

  10. Tim J.

    Part fits perfectly and seems to do the job well with no leaks.

  11. Daniel Mendez


  13. Daniel Mendez

  14. Christopher Cooper

  15. Jon R.

  16. herman

  17. Daniel Mendez

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