Porsche 911-930 Oil Lines



Purchase Griffiths’ Kuehl Oil Lines for the Porsche 911-930 direct from Griffiths


Griffiths offers replacement Kuehl Oil Lines for your Porsche 911 3.2L engine. Oil lines are available for 930-207-111-05 and 930-207-113-04.

Oil Temperature

Your engine oil temperature can easily reach 244F or higher on a warm day, while idling in traffic or under hard driving conditions. Your oil cooler located in the RH front fender has a thermostat that turns on its single cooling fan at approximately 244F.   The current “OEM German” oil lines on the market are only rated to 230F based on the type of rubber compound they use. Griffiths Kuehl Oil Lines are rated to 300F continuous operation!


If you are conscious about the weight of your Porsche, you know that for every pound you can take off your car you can increase your acceleration and improve MPG. Griffiths Kuehl Oil Lines are 25% lighter than the “OEM German” oil lines on the market.


Griffiths Kuehl Oil Lines use “flared” ferrule ends which reduce the chances of the ferrule cutting through tube section. The “OEM German” design uses a rigid straight end ferrule which can lead to scoring or cutting in the rubber section of the hose where it enters the ferrule. Our oil lines are more flexible and durable than the common OEM German rubber, internal steel wire, and fabric construction.

Porsche 911-930 Oil Lines Part Numbers

Griffiths manufactures Oil Lines to replace all of the following part numbers:

Porsche 911-930 Oil Lines
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