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Porsche Air Conditioning & Engine Components
Porsche AC

Griffiths Air Conditioning

Griffiths designs, manufactures and sells Porsche air conditioning and engine components. We support various models including Porsche 911, 912, 924, 928, 930, 944, 951, 964, 986, 993, 996, 997, & Boxster. Brands we sell include Porsche, Griffiths, Kuehl, Bosch, Behr, Denso, Nippondenso,  Sanden, and York. Our Porsche products include air conditioning: ac barrier hoses, ac blowers and motors, ac compressors, ac condensers, ac climate controls, ac R134a conversion kits, ac receiver driers, ac evaporators, ac expansion valves, ac fans, ac improvements, ac upgrades, ac thermostats, ac vents, and technical support for freon, r12 and r134a refrigerants. Our newest product line is fuel lines for Porsche.

Griffiths Engine Components

Griffiths designs, manufactures and sells automotive fuel lines and oil lines for Porsche.  Griffiths Kuehl brand fuel lines and hoses are built with SAE J30R9 specification hose. Designed to handle higher pressures, temperatures, as well as chemical resistance to today’s alcohol blended fuels and biofuels. Our fuel lines and hoses are constructed with a durable flouro-elastomer inner liner and our abrasion-resistant exterior resists oils, greases, ozone and engine coolants.  Griffiths high performance Porsche 911-930 Oil Cooler Lines withstand higher temperatures and are lighter than the ‘OEM German’ lines offered in the market. Constructed using a high temperature internal elastomer temperature rated at 300F continuous, fully compatible with synthetic engine oils, resistant to oxidation and ozone.