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Porsche 911, 930 Kuehl High Performance Evaporator

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901-573-907-00, 911-573-929-01, 911-573-929-00

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Porsche 911, 930 Kuehl High Performance Evaporator

The Porsche 911, 930 Kuehl High Performance Evaporator has a greater surface area and more refrigerant passes: yielding more btu’s per square inch than any other design.

  • Direct drop in replacement for all 911/930’s having a Behr type coil
  • Fits LH and RH drive
  • Fully compatible with R134a and R12
  • 3 year limited warranty
This unit has more surface area than the OEM and is lighter too. In a recent head to head controlled test, the Kuehl out performed the OEM evaporator as well as an "other" inexpensive copy.

This unit has more surface area than the OEM and is lighter too. In a recent head to head controlled test, the Kuehl out performed the OEM evaporator as well as an “other” inexpensive copy. Click here to see the 911 Evaporator Comparison Test























  • Expansion valve (attached)
  • O-rings
  • Flare adapters for earlier models
  • New blower outlet air tube
  • Improved gasket sealing for the evaporator box
  • Very thorough detailed installation instructions that walk you through a complete removal and replacement from start to finish!

Fits these Applications

  • Porsche 911, 1969-1989, with Behr evaporator boxes.
  • Porsche 912 with Behr evaporator boxes.
  • Porsche 930, 1974-1989, with Behr evaporator boxes.
  • Both LH and RH drive models.

OEM Part Numbers

  • 901-573-907-00
  • 911-573-929-01
  • 911-573-929-00

Additional Information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 11 in

32 reviews for Porsche 911, 930 Kuehl High Performance Evaporator

  1. Markus B.

  2. Brice

    Colder than I thought!

  3. bill ravina

    very well made. easy to install

  4. Robert Likis

    I have owned this 1980 Porsche 911 Weissach for 35 years so am very familiar with every aspect of the vehicle…live in Florida where, even in late model vehicles, A/C systems are almost always inadequate. The 1980 911 was never made for comfort, specifically cool cruising in hot humid weather. I chose the Griffiths evap core for several reasons. First, it was designed and manufactured specifically as an “upgrade” for 911 cars. And second, because an evaporator replacement procedure is not anything one wants to do twice to the same car. I trusted Griffiths and purchased their evap kit, which also included their filter/dryer. I performed the replacement exactly to the letter of the 6-page instructions that Griffiths provided. I had a few questions and called the company where my questions were quickly answered by their representative. I can state that categorically, Griffiths parts are high quality…and fitment superb. Also, this kit came with new hose adapters and seals enduring no leaks.
    I have photos of every step taken and a center A/V outlet vent temperature below 34 degrees F! Way cool.

  5. Gabriele Paini

  6. Andre Blouin

    Work very well

  7. Dan W.

    Very well constructed.

  8. Robert

    Excellent quality

  9. Carlos F.

  10. Frank

    this worked out very fine, thank you

  11. Anonymous


  12. Andrew K.

    My factory evaporator was leaking and this aftermarket upgrade was recommended in several forums. Installed it and new barrier hoses using the great step by step instructions provided and I have had cold air ever since (about 2 years).

  13. Tony Stefanik

    This evaporator can really beat the Mississippi heat. Thanks for the excellent customer support as usual.

  14. James Ayers

    Being cool is where its at. Top notch quality and it fits great.

  15. Frederick S.

    Installation easy, good instructions, Blows 53 at middle point on Thermostat and 39 at lowest setting which I only left it there for a moment not wanting to freeze up the Evaporator. A ambient temperature and HI/LO pressure. chart would be good for both R12/R134

  16. Manfred Franz Chwojka

  17. Daniel Mendez

  18. Joel Acidera

    Car is ice cold easy installation

  19. jean claude FOMBARLET

  20. Anthony Pries

  21. Tim J.

    Great product that seems to work well. The only issue I have is that the extra parts and the instructions were all for a left hand drive. Had to work out how to get to the evaporator and remove it in a RHD car which is completely different.

    • Griff

      Well noted. We do have some RHD instructions which should have been included. Sorry you did not reach out to us and ask.

  22. Jim Sutherland

  23. Frank M.

    Clear improvement over my old stock evaporator, solidly made, good fit.

  24. Daniel Mendez

  25. James Roberts

    Difficult removing old unit but new one a perfect fit.

  26. Christopher Cooper

  27. Jon R.

  28. terry s.

    Very nice piece!

  29. Toshio

  30. Daniel Mendez

    good performance

  31. Anonymous

    High quality product exactly as described. Great for the DIY’er who wants better A/C

  32. Chris C.

    Great product, great price, and fast ship. Thanks!

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