Porsche Kuehl Evaporator Fan Variable Speed Controller


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Porsche Kuehl Evaporator Fan Variable Speed Controller

The Porsche Kuehl Evaporator Fan Variable Speed Controller gives you complete control of your evaporator fan motor, and much more.

The stock factory three speed fan switch is limited to three fan speeds:

  1. speed “1” (you could not feel)
  2. speed “2” (was no better than 1)
  3. and speed “3” (was full blast)


The Benefits of the Porsche Kuehl Evaporator Fan Variable Speed Controller: 

  • With the Kuehl Fan Speed Controller you can have infinite or fully variable fan speeds!
  • The Kuehl Fan Speed Controller switch replaces your stock switch on the right side of the ac console.
  • You use your original factory knob to turn the switch.
  • The controller board is simply mounted in the passenger side air inlet.
  • In addition to having a state of the art control (seldom found even in modern cars today) you now have a unique a/c status indicator light to tell you:
    • (a) when your a/c system is on, a “green” light
    • (b) when the compressor should be running, a “orange” light (the two different colors are produced by just one LED light; hidden behind the white translucent cap shown in our picture above, mounted between the stock thermostat control knob on the left and our fan speed control knob on the right, you can actually mount the status indicator light anywhere your heart desires).
    • Designed and built in the USA!

This is a definite MUST HAVE ITEM.


  • All Porsche 911 and 930 models that have factory air; typically 1978-1989
  • Can also be installed in earlier years with minor modifications – please contact us to discuss this


  1. New right side fan speed switch,  which mounts into your existing console. You use your stock factory knobs.
  2. Fan speed controller board
  3. Wire harness between new switch and controller board along with new power supply wires to your existing evaporator blower motor
  4. AC status indicator light
  5. All necessary terminals for connections and detailed instructions


  • The Kuehl Fan Speed Switch is mounted in your existing center console or knee pad vent panel.
  • The Kuehl Variable Speed Controller Board is mounted in the RH side evaporator air intake plenum which is located under the passenger’s foot board.  If you have RH drive model you can mount the controller bracket with its board elsewhere under the dash.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 6 in


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