Porsche 911-930 Climate Controls



Purchase replacement 911-930 Air Conditioning Climate Controls direct from Griffiths.

Porsche 911-930 AC Climate Controls

Kuehl Climate Controls

Kuehl Variable Speed Fan Controller & Replacement AC Thermostat


Griffiths offers new replacement Thermostats and our exclusive Kuehl Variable Speed Fan Controller for the Porsche 911-930 air conditioning systems. These Porsche 911-930 Air Conditioning Climate Controls are available for Porsche 911-930 model years from 1970-1989 for LH and RH drive models.

Porsche 911-930 Air Conditioning Climate Controls

The 2 controls that command the air conditioning system in the Porsche 911/930 are the Thermostat and the Fan Speed Control. The controls are located in the knee pad vent panel in pre 1978 models or in the center console in later year models. The Thermostat switch is usually on the left and the Fan Speed switch is on the right.

Stock Fan Speed Controller

The stock Fan Speed control turns on the AC system and provides only 3 levels of air speed or volume: low, medium and high.

  • Speed 1 (low) you can’t feel
  • Speed 2 (medium) is no better than speed 1
  • Speed 3 (high) is full blast

To solve this we designed The Kuehl Fan Speed Controller –  a plug and play system that truly helps you fine tune your driving comfort.

Kuehl Fan Speed Controller

The Kuehl Fan Speed Controller provides fully variable control (infinite fan speeds). This fan controller upgrade replaces your stock switch on the right side of the AC console. A microprocessor based controller replaces the old fan speed resistor pack. The system includes a unique AC status indicator light to tell you when your AC system is on and when the compressor should be running.


The Thermostat control adjusts AC vent temperature by regulating the temperature of the AC evaporator.  The knob position tells the compressor to turn on and off. In addition to regulating the evaporator and vent temperature, the Thermostat has a built in safe guard to help prevent the evaporator from freezing.

Porsche 911-930 Climate Controls Part Numbers

Griffiths offers Kuehl AC Climate Controls to replace or upgrade all of the following part numbers:

911-930 Climate Controls
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