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Purchase Kuehl 911-930 AC Barrier hoses direct from Griffiths.

Porsche 911 AC barrier hoses

911 AC Barrier Hoses

Hose sets and individual hoses
Porsche 930 AC barrier hoses

930 AC Barrier Hoses

Hose sets and individual hoses


Griffiths offers new Porsche 911-930 AC Barrier Hoses – Upgrades , complete sets, individual hoses, and custom hoses for all model years.  A stock Porsche 911-930 has 40 to 45 feet of non-barrier hoses; the most common source for refrigerant leakage.  All Griffiths Porsche 911-930 AC barrier hoses are R134a and R12 compatible.

The Problem

Your stock hoses are leaking refrigerant constantly because they are non-barrier hoses.

non-barrier hose

The Solution

Kuehl brand Porsche 911 barrier hoses by Griffiths  provide 5 layers of protection to minimize refrigerant leakage.

kuehl-barrier hose

Why you need new Kuehl Barrier Hoses

The average Porsche 911-930 typically has 5 hose line assemblies. The 911 has 40 feet of hose while the 930 has 43 feet. This original type of hose was designed during the time period when R12 refrigerant was inexpensive and it’s affect on the ozone level was not known. This old fashion hose line slowly leaks (permeates) refrigerant through it’s skin overtime; this is not a design flaw nor was the design intended to do so, it was simply the way things were.

It was common to “top off” or recharge the system on a yearly basis. Today, with the high cost of R12 it’s not wise to have leaks of any kind. With the introduction of R134a refrigerant the a/c industry determined that the original type hose leaked R134a at a greater rate than R12. To solve the problem a new type of hose was designed that has inner liner which reduces rate of permeation (leakage) of refrigerants through the hose wall. It’s called “barrier” hose. You should inspect your hose lines on a yearly basis, looking for cracks, signs of oil or dirt accumulation on the hose or near the hose fittings. You may notice small pin size holes that are evenly spaced in a line running the length of your hoses. These are “pressure relief” holes which are installed by most hose manufacturers. The small holes allow pressure to escape in the event that the primary inner wall of the hose should fail under extreme pressure. The designers contemplated that it would be better to avoid a sudden eruption in the outer wall that could harm the vehicle or a technician working on the car. Under normal peak operating pressures refrigerant does NOT leak through these holes.

The rear deck lid hose receives a lot of bending, and the hose running under the car (from the rear condenser to the front or to drier for models without a front condenser) tends to get crushed by lifts. Griffiths manufacturers their Porsche 911-930 AC Barrier Hoses, sets and individual hoses using premium USA made of barrier hose. If your 911-930 has non-factory hoses we can custom manufacture new barrier hose assemblies for you!

Many 911’s and 930’s do not have a hi-low pressure cut-out switch. The EPA dictates that if you are switching over to R134a then you should install a switch. Griffiths offers the switch feature now in it’s special barrier hose assemblies. Our special switch automatically prevents your system from operating when pressures are either too low or too high, thereby (i) “saving” your compressor from potential damage, and (ii) complying with the EPA requirements. It’s easy to install too.

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