Porsche 911-930 Evaporators



Purchase Kuehl 911-930 Evaporator upgrades direct from Griffiths.

Porsche 911-930 Evaporator Upgrades

911-930 Evaporators

Kuehl 911-930 High Performance Evaporator


Griffiths designed the popular High Performance Kuehl Serpentine Evaporator to replace the old Porsche tube and fin evaporator.  The Kuehl Evaporator is a drop-in replacement for all Porsche 911 and 930 models, years 1970-1989.

The Problem

OEM style Tube & Fin evaporators are prone to leakage. There are multiple brazed joints and the cooling fins were not securely bonded to the cooling tubes.

OEM Porsche 911-930 Evaporator

The Solution

The Kuehl Serpentine Evaporator has only 2 brazed joints. The cooling fins are permanently brazed to the serpentine extruded tube.

The Kuehl Serpentine Evaporator

Evaporator Comparison

The Kuehl High Performance Serpentine Evaporator has more higher cooling capacity than competitors and OEM evaporators. It has more surface area yielding more BTUs than any other unit.

Evaporator comparison

Performance Test

In a head to head comparison test, the Kuehl Evaporator out performed the OEM and a competitors serpentine unit.

911 Evaporator Performance Test

911-930 Evaporator Maintenance

The Porsche 911 930 evaporator is located in the “old gas heater” box under the front hood (on RH drive Porsche 911 or 930’s the evaporator is located inside ahead of the center console). Evaporators typically get clogged with dirt and dust which prevents proper heat transfer. It’s a good idea to check the condition of the evaporator every other year. Leakage will be noted by signs of oil film. Carefully clean out any accumulated dirt & dust from its inlet side.

The expansion valve’s capillary tube pigtail should be attached to the top of the evaporator outlet pipe and secured with a clip and insulated with ac tar tape. Your thermostat switch (on your ac console) has an aluminum sensor tube (filled with a gas) which is inserted in the evaporator. The sensor shuts off the compressor to prevent the evaporator from icing up which reduces system efficiency (do not bend the tube, if it breaks the system will not function). Bent fins can be straightened with tweezers and a small flat blade screw driver. Griffiths stocks evaporators for most models.

The Kuehl High Performance Serpentine Evaporator for the Porsche 911 and Porsche 930 has more surface area than the OEM and is lighter too. In a recent head to head controlled test, the original Kuehl out performed the OEM evaporator as well as an inexpensive copy. The Kuehl unit simply has greater surface area yielding more btu’s per square inch than any other. If you own a Porsche 911 or Porsche 930 and drive it then why settle for second best, ask for the original Kuehl Serpentine 911 930 Evaporator.

Porsche 911-930 Evaporators Part Numbers

Griffiths manufactures Kuehl 911-930 Evaporator upgrades to replace all of the following part numbers:

911-930 Evaporators
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