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91161312101 Porsche 911-930 AC Thermostat Switch

(33 customer reviews)


901-570-517-00, 901-613-119-00, 911-613-121-00, 911-613-919-00, 911-613-121-01

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91161312101 Porsche 911-930 AC Thermostat Switch

The Kuehl 91161312101 Porsche 911-930 AC Thermostat Switch.  Fits Porsche 911 and 930, 1970-1989.  AC Thermostat Switch is located in the LH side of the center floor console, or in early models pre 1978 in the knee pad vent panel adjacent to the ashtray or off to the right a bit.  Griffiths’ Kuehl AC Thermostat Switch includes new thermostat, new plastic sleeve to protect aluminum capillary tube, and new brass sleeve for insertion in the evaporator core in the front trunk.

  • Typically installs is 70-89 year models without any fitment issues or modifications required.
  • Includes detailed installation instructions.
  • One year limited warranty.

Fits these Applications

  • Porsche 911, 1967 through 1989
  • Porsche 912 (all)
  • Porsche 930 (all), 1974-1989
  • LH and RH drive models

Replaces OEM Part Numbers

  • 901-570-517-00
  • 901-613-119-00
  • 911-613-121-00
  • 911-613-919-00
  • 911-613-121-01

Additional Information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 4 × 4 in

33 reviews for 91161312101 Porsche 911-930 AC Thermostat Switch

  1. David Avrahami

  2. Albert

    Pain to install, works great.

    Griffiths response:
    Al, yes, the thermostat is a pita, however, we did not design the layout. But, I think will find our installation instructions are much better than the factory ones. Stay Kuehl, Griff.

  3. Wesley Wilburn

    Works as advertised.


    Great customer service!

  5. Andre Blouin

  6. Johan

    Great instructions. Easy installation. Works better than my OEM ever did.

  7. Steve Yeatts

  8. BRIAN P.

    Well made product with great installation instructions like all of Griffiths products. The only switch left on the market that does not require modifying the center console to fit it

  9. Christopher K.

    Solid replacement for the original that had been damaged at some point during work behind the center console.

  10. J Renton

    This was the final piece in a ’83 911SC system replacement by Griffiths, which took place over two summers. New Kuehl compressor, barrier lines, blower fans, Kuehl evaporator, and finally this thermostat control switch. Each piece is obviously high quality and an improvement over the stock components, and I can honestly say the car has never cooled this well in our mid-summer Florida heat. Griffiths high-efficiency evaporator has lowered temps noticeably, and the new blower fans send that colder air around my cabin much better than ever before. I am extremely satisfied, and Charlie was very helpful during the process. Highly recommended!

  11. Glen H.

    Perfect fit, and great instructions.

  12. Daniel T.

    Fit perfectly, great directions

  13. Richard

    It worked

  14. Nicholas Triesch

    Part worked perfect! Fit my 85 911 no problem. Just a great shop!!

  15. Gerry B.

    Like everything from Griffiths I found this piece to be top quality and did the job.

  16. Frank Lee

  17. Milton

  18. James Ayers

    Easy installment, perfect fit, the Porsche is nice and cool.

  19. Pat Rabun

    High quality part! Came with through instructions . I called Griffiths for customer support and they were most helpful. My SC’s A/C works great now!

  20. Nicholas W.

    The thermostat install instructions and the size made it super easy to install, cut the little window in the control housing and it fit like a glove, way better than the stupid updated factory one that doesn’t even fit in the housing.

    Another satisfied customer!

  21. Gerald Delatour

  22. Marlin

    worked perfectly.

  23. Joel A.

    Works great

  24. Michael Andrew

    Far superior to the stock unit.

  25. Anthony V.

    Product and support are first class.

  26. Christopher Cooper

  27. Robertus

    As expected.

  28. Bruce Zeiner

  29. James Roberts

  30. Pedro

    Quality product and awesome customer service.

  31. Rory Mccoy

  32. George M.

    Worked like a champ. Would have been nice if the shaft was the same size as original so I could use the original nut, but not a show stopper.

  33. Ovidijus

    Much recommended product. Very detailed installation instruction and the clear plastic sheath tube protects the aluminum tube from bending sharply, when pulling through tight spaces.

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