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911-930 Porsche Air Conditioning Fender Condenser

The Mr. Ice Project 911-930 Porsche Air Conditioning Fender Condenser

Lack of adequate condenser area and air flow are a few of the major obstacles when attempting to achieve “cold” air temperatures in the 911 or 930. The stock ront condenser does have a fan that blows (somewhat) downward on the fins. The rear deck lid condenser relies on the engine fan for it’s air flow and that air flow really begins at 2000 plus rpm’s. Together neither will get you down in the low 40’s or high 30’s. There have been some after market achievements to increase the total condenser area with condensers under the car or mounted in through the front fender wells. We wanted to avoid road hazards and curb crunches with under the body or belly-pan units, and preferred to leave the front fender areas for a later project we have planned. As well, some 911 owners have experimented with installing fans on the rear deck lid. This later concept usually does not produce bone chilling results and is hampered with clearance problems.

An important side note on the deck lid condenser is that when the ac is running the rear deck lid condenser raises the temperature of the ambient air entering the intake and the engine cooling fan. By adding additional condensers, such as the Kuehl fender condensers, you reduce the ac system pressure, lower ac system pressures will reduce the temperature of the air moving through the deck lid condenser. So the Kuehl condenser systems help take the heat load off your engine!

After chatting with a good friend, Mr. Tom Charlesworth, we found Tom had great results with mounting a condenser in the rear fender in gentleman’s 930. So, we sat down with Tom’s snowy photo’s and began the job of engineering the ultimate design, something that is: OEM Factory Quality, easy to install, and has all the bells and whistles:

911-930 Porsche Air Conditioning Fender Condenser

The Kuehl Condenser sits in the LH rear fender.   Not affected by exhaust system radiant heat. This is truly a factory quality unit:
Strong construction
Anti-Vibration Mounted
Stainless Steel Brackets
Heat Shield
Barrier Hose Lines
Full Time Electric Fan
Relayed and Fused power
Custom Stone Guard

Installation with the Kuehl design is a breeze: easy to follow pictorial installation manual walking you through each step, and the package includes all necessary hardware (the brackets, electric cooling fan and condenser come pre assembled). Naturally we have included our Stone Guard which protects the Kuehl Condenser from tire projectiles and road hazards. Don’t worry about the hose lines, they are 100% quality barrier hose and protected with a stainless steel heat shield. Hose routings actually follow most of the OEM’s. There is NO cutting of body panels or suspension components, just a few small holes to drill. This is a “non-invasive” product installation. And it works very very well. The Kuehl Condenser can be installed in earlier narrow bodies, SC’s and turbo’s.

Our unique Stone Guard (shown above) is made from an 1/8" thick plastic resin which offers: superior wear, abrasion and heat resistance; low coefficient of friction; resilience and impact resistance; non abrasive to other materials; noise damping characteristics; and resistance to alkalis and organic chemicals. The Stone Guard protects the Kuehl Condenser from tire projectiles and road hazards. The Stone Guard can be removed for in a matter of minutes for unit inspection or cleaning maintenance.

The Kuehl Stone Guard (shown above) offers: superior wear,  heat resistance, resilience and impact resistance from tire projectiles and road hazards.

You would never know this car is equipped with the The Kuehl Condenser. And, with his non-stock Turbo wheels there is plenty of tire clearance.

Below is our latest generation of Kuehl 911-930 Fender Condenser, Rev 4.  This latest model is a serpentine tube design with brazed bonded cooling fins, only 2 refrigerant tube brazed joints, 12″ cooling fan, stainless steel mounting hardware, vibration mounts and stone guard.  Not affected by exhaust pipes or catalytic converter radiant heat:  Fresh air is pulled in from the outside of the fender area, moves through the Kuehl Condenser and towards the engine/exhaust.

911-930 Porsche Air Conditioning Fender Condenser


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