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Porsche 911-930 Air Conditioning Reliability Packages

Griffiths Porsche 911-930 Air Conditioning Reliability Packages have always received high praises for performance, quality, and naturally reliability

The primary market for these AC upgrades is typically LHD’s (left hand drive) regions.  Now Griffiths offers their high performance AC systems for the RHD (right hand drive) market!

Our Reliability Packages include everything you need to improve the integrity and cooling of your air conditioning system at an affordable price.

The Kuehl Reliability Package Upgrades address all of the common issues found with the Porsche 911 and 930 stock factory air conditioning system. These packages include replacement parts for nearly every component in your air conditioning system. Your Porsche’s AC system will be much more reliable after installing one of these packages. You will also notice colder air conditioning and no more refrigerant loss.

Reliability Package Includes

New Barrier AC Hoses

Your stock hoses are leaking refrigerant constantly because they are non-barrier hoses. This old fashion hose line slowly leaks (permeates) refrigerant through it’s skin overtime; this is not a design flaw nor was the design intended to do so, it was simply the way things were. Kuehl Barrier Hoses provide 5 layers of protection to minimize refrigerant leakage. System models with o-rings tend to leak after 25 years. All Reliability Package Upgrades include a new set of HBNR type o-rings.

New Kuehl Drier

The receiver drier is critical component to your a/c system. The drier is as important as your oil filter is to your engine. It consists of a steel tank, a filter, desiccant bag (drying agent) and a side mounted site glass.  The Kuehl drier uses XH9 type desiccant which is compatible with R134a and R12 refrigerants.

New Low-High Pressure Switch

All Kuehl Reliability Packages include our exclusive “high-low” pressure cut-out switch feature. The switch prevents the system from running when the high side pressure is either too low or too high. This special features helps to prevent compressor failure and is required by the EPA in certain State applications.

New Kuehl High Performance Serpentine Evaporator

OEM style Tube & Fin evaporators are prone to leakage. There are multiple brazed joints and the cooling fins were not securely bonded to the cooling tubes. The Kuehl Serpentine Evaporator has only 2 brazed joints. The cooling fins are permanently brazed to the serpentine extruded tube.

The Kuehl High Performance Serpentine Evaporator for the Porsche 911 and Porsche 930 has more surface area than the OEM and is lighter too. In a recent head to head controlled test, the original Kuehl out performed the OEM evaporator as well as an inexpensive copy. The Kuehl unit simply has greater surface area yielding more btu’s per square inch than any other

New Kuehl High Performance Serpentine Front Condenser

Rather than using old fashion round tubing with many braze joints, the Kuehl Serpentine has one continuous multi-channel extrusion to channel the flow of refrigerant. The Kuehl’s design offers three advantages over the old tube and fin design:

  1. A combination of more surface area with larger tube spacing gives you a greater volume and velocity of air moving across the condenser coil, as much as 40% more air!
  2. There are fewer “hot spots”;  sections of the tubing which do not receive sufficient air contact. Hot spots develop when round tubing profiles deflect air away from the tubing surface, such as when two air masses meet.
  3. The Kuehl unit has only two braze joints rather than dozens as found on tube and fin designs.



Griffiths Reliability Packages are available both with and without new compressors.

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