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The New Porsche 911-930 Kuehl Parallel Flow High Performance Front Condenser

Griffiths’ new Porsche 911-930 Kuehl High-Performance Front Condenser is a high-density PF (parallel flow) design.  This new condenser utilizes the latest generation “plate and fin” tubing technology.   The benefits of the Kuehl design lay in its twin (double) manifolds with thin multi-channel extrusions and high fin density,  a newer more efficient plate & fin construction which yields higher BTU dispersion through greater fin density and increased refrigerant tube count.

Our new New Porsche 911-930 Kuehl Parallel Flow High-Performance Front Condenser is a drop in replacement for the Porsche 911 and 930, years 1970-1989, both LH and RH drive versions; includes flare adapters for earlier years and new o-rings as well for later years.

This new Parallel Flow design will be replacing our previous serpentine design and will be released in January of 2018.

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Replaces Porsche part numbers 911-573-056-02 and 911-573-056-03.


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