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91157305603 Porsche 911-930 1970-89 Kuehl Front Condenser

(18 customer reviews)


911-573-056-03, 91157305603, 911 573 056 03, 911.573.056,03,  911-573-056-02, 91157305602, 911 573 056 02, 911.573.056.02, 91157305603PF

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91157305603 Porsche 911-930 1970-89 Kuehl Front Condenser

Our “new” parallel flow 91157305603 Porsche 911-930 1970-89 Kuehl Front Condenser is a True Direct Drop-In upgrade replacing the stock factory condenser.  This new condenser utilizes the latest generation “plate and fin” tubing technology.   The benefits of the Kuehl design lay in its twin (double) manifolds with thin multi-channel extrusions and high fin density,  a newer more efficient plate & fin construction which yields higher BTU dispersion through greater fin density and increased refrigerant tube count.

Our new parallel flow version offers more cooling surface area as compared to the factory OEM condenser as well as our previous serpentine designs.   This makes for a great Porsche 911 or 930 air conditioning improvement.  The benefits of the Kuehl PF (parallel flow, or PF)  lay in the unique twin manifold and thin thin multi-channel extrusions designed for R134a.

The 91157305603 Porsche 911-930 1970-89 Kuehl Front Condenser outperforms the old fashion OEM unit for various reasons

  1.  A combination of more surface area and fin spacing gives you a greater volume of air flow through the coil.
  2. There are fewer “hot spots” as found with old OEM units design.

Your original condenser may become damaged over time from corrosion, objects contacting the condenser or while re-connecting the inlet and outlet AC lines.   In some cases battery acid dripping down from above can corrode the front condenser.

Replacement of the 91157305603 Porsche 911-930 1970-89 Kuehl Front Condenser requires the following:

  1. Recovery of refrigerant from the system prior to removal
  2. Disconnecting the 2 hose connections (use two wrenches to avoid damaging evaporator fittings).
  3. Removal of the nuts and bolts on the 2 side support brackets.
  4. Installing a new receiver drier.
  5. Evacuation, charge, and testing of the ac system.


  • New high-performance parallel flow design
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty
  • R134a and R12 compatible
  • Includes new o-rings and flare adapters for earlier years


  • Porsche 911, 1970-1989
  • Porsche 930, 1975-1989
  • Both LH and RH drive models

Does it fit FAQ  

  1. The genuine Kuehl unit does not reduce the ground clearance in the 911 or 930 undercarriage.
  2. The Kuehl unit does not require special spacers.
  3. The Kuehl unit fits under the existing stone guard.
  4. The Kuehl hose connections fit the existing 911 and 930 hoses, includes o-rings and flare adapters.

Replaces OEM Part Numbers

  • 911 573 056 02, 91157305602, 911-573-056-02, 911.573.056.02
  • 911 573 056 03, 91157305603, 911-573-056-03, 911.573.056.03

Additional Information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 9 × 9 in

18 reviews for 91157305603 Porsche 911-930 1970-89 Kuehl Front Condenser

  1. Shane

    High Performance!

  2. Markus B.

  3. George N.

    Taller than stock but does not stick out past the bumper bar.

  4. Steve M.

    Very nice quality condenser and it bolted directly in with zero issues. The integrated rubber seal was a nice surprise and no doubt will improve efficiency.

  5. Dan W.

    Very well constructed.

  6. JOSE C. G.

    The installation was easy ones I removed the front bumper. I’ve notice improved comparing with my old original Porsche front condenser, although I have problems when the outside temperature is bigger than 32 Celsius, then the cold we get is less. Do you have any experience with organic substitutes of R134 like GREENFREEZE, FREZEE+ or similar?

  7. Stefan

  8. gerhard b.

  9. Christian G.

    Perfect upgrade/ replacement to my damaged unit.

  10. Frank M.

    High quality product and I especially like the fit into the bay and the rubber sealing towards the fan so that the airflow losses are minimised.

  11. Daniel Mendez

  12. James Roberts

    Difficult removing original unit but, great replacement!

  13. Christopher Cooper

  14. Michael Sampsel

    Boxed very nicely, love the padding, surrounding the top, to increase the efficiency of my condenser fan. It makes all the fan air go through the condenser.

    Instructions were excellent. Helped me install the condenser and stone guard.

  15. Steve Varrasso

  16. Erich

    The condenser fit perfectly and appears to be well made! Packaging was excellent and no damage was incurred during shipping, which was fast!

  17. Steve Varrasso

  18. Hans N.

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