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930-207-111-05, 930-207-113-04

Griffiths now offers a high performance Porsche 911-930 Oil Cooler Line Set.  Withstands higher temperatures and is lighter than the ‘OEM German’ lines offered in the market.   Constructed using a high temperature internal elastomer temperature rated at 300F continuous, fully compatible with synthetic engine oils, resistant to oxidation and ozone.  The 2 piece hose set consists of pn 930-207-111-05, feed to cooler and  930-207-113-04, cooler to return.

Griffiths/Kuehl 911-930 Oil Cooler Line Set vs ‘OEM German

  1. The Griffiths/Kuehl flared ferrule end reduces the chances of the ferrule cutting through tube section.  The OEM German hydraulic ferrule is too rigid and straight.
  2. The Griffiths/Kuehl tube construction is more flexible and durable than the common OEM German rubber, internal steel wire and fabric construction.
  3. The Griffiths/Kuehl internal elastomer has a higher temperature rating than the OEM German.  The 911 oil cooler’s thermocouple turns on its cooling fan at 244F.  The ‘OEM German’ lines are rated at only 230F.  Griffiths/Kuehl lines are rated at 300F Continuous!
  4. The Griffiths/Kuehl modern design is 25% lighter than the old fashion OEM German design.

Porsche 911-930 Oil Cooler Line Set

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