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911 Porsche 1984-89 AC Reliability Package Upgrade 2

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911 Porsche 1984-1989 AC Reliability Package Upgrade 2

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911 Porsche 1984-89 AC Reliability Package Upgrade 2

911 Porsche 1984-89 AC Reliability Package Upgrade 2

Now you can have system integrity (reduce refrigerant leakage) and improved cooling at an affordable price.

Griffiths’ Kuehl  911 Porsche 1984-89 AC Reliability Package Upgrade 2 is for 911 Porsches having a stock 2 condenser factory-installed Behr system with a Nippondenso compressor, all your current components having o-ring fittings.

  • Reliability Package reduces refrigerant leaks
  • Includes new Denso factory compressor with clutch
  • This package is compatible with either R12 or R134a refrigerants

Includes the following Kuehl products

  • (1) Complete barrier hose set
  • (1) O-ring set
  • (1) Low-high pressure switch
  • (1) Kuehl Serpentine Rev 4 High-Performance Evaporator with TEV
  • (1) Kuehl Parallel Flow High-Performance Front Condenser
  • (1) Kuehl Receiver Drier
  • (1) Kuehl Center Vent
  • (1) Refrigerant oil, charge port adapters and conversion sticker
  • (1) Denso factory compressor with clutch, warranty subject to Denso terms.
  • Reliability Package includes detailed installation instructions.


When you place your order please choose the type of refrigerant oil you wish to use in your system. We can provide you either Ester or PAG and here is how you can determine which is the best option of oil to choose:

  • 1) If you plan to continue to use R12 refrigerant, OR, if you are converting from R12 over to R134a, then we suggest you pick Ester oil.
  • 2) If your car has already been converted to R134a then the type of oil could be either Ester or PAG.  If the conversion procedure was well documented then there should be a “blue” colored R134a refrigerant sticker somewhere in the engine compartment noting the type of oil, or the service work order or invoice might note the type of oil, or you could contact the service facility who did the work and ask them, or contact the previous owner.

We suggest that if the system has Ester or PAG that you continue to use that same type of oil and not mix the two.

If you are unsure as to what refrigerant oil you should choose, please contact us and we will assist you.

We will assume you have a stock Nippondenso 10P15C compressor when you place your order. If you are unsure as to what model compressor you presently have, please contact us and we will assist you.

Additional Information

Weight 95 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 16 in
Refrigerant Oil Type


9 reviews for 911 Porsche 1984-89 AC Reliability Package Upgrade 2

  1. Howard T F.

    This was 2nd kit purchased from Griffiths and successfully owner installed. Highly recommended.

  2. Victor Nova


    Very pleased with how the system is working.

  4. Anonymous

  5. Art Graves

    Works very well. Hasn’t been too hot here in Vancouver, but it certainly handles the 25 degrees Celsius we’ve seen at maybe a third of full power. Installation instructions were very good.

  6. Christopher K.

    Took the better part of two weekends to pull off the old lines and replace everything, but well worth it. Take your time and pay attention to what you’re doing. Excellent instruction manual – read it end-to-end before starting, and reference it for the details. Everything fit just like the original system.

  7. JOHN T.

    My son and I installed this over a weekend. We had the car up on a QuickJack which really helped. The kit was shipped very securely and promptly. The instructions are fantastic – all communication with Griff has been great. Seems like they have thought of every detail including some spares of the essential o-rings etc. The performance of the system exceeds expectations even in 105-degree SoCal weather.

  8. Richard Swenson

    The parts fit and worked as expected. Years ago I fitted a 85 engine etc in a 67 chassis That’s what these parts fit into with only normal effort. Now I have A/C that works again.



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Griffiths offers a limited warranty for all products.

Briefly, our time period of our limited warranty is as follows:

  • Barrier hoses – 3 years
  • Condensers – 3 years
  • Compressors – 1 year
  • Driers – 3 years
  • Electrical Components – 1 year
  • Expansion Valves – 2 years
  • Fuel Lines – 3 years
  • Oil Lines – 3 years
  • Mechanical Hardware – 1 year
  • Vents – 1 year

For complete details of our Limited Warranties please visit our Warranties page.


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