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911, 3.2, Engine Fuel Line Set & RH side manifold gaskets

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930-110-411-03, 930-110-509-01, 930-110-595-06

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911, 3.2, Engine Fuel Line Set & RH side manifold gaskets

911, 3.2, Engine Fuel Line Set & RH side manifold gaskets and fuel filter

Griffiths’ improved replacement 3 piece engine fuel line set includes:  damper to regulator line, regulator to return line and filter to rails line.   Although replacement of the 3 lines is typically done at the time of an engine drop these lines can be replaced with the engine in the car.  To replace the lines while the engine is in the car you will will have to remove the auxiliary heater blower motor and its plenum, the air filter box (with AFM attached), and the RH side air intake manifold.  You will want to have on hand 6 new intake manifold gaskets and 3 intake manifold insulator spacers; figure a 8 hour job for the DIY doing for the first time.  A small mirror comes in handy for working in the forward area of the engine near fuel pressure regulator.

Complete Kuehl brand Engine 3 pc Fuel Line Set – for 911, 1984-1989, 3.2 liter.

Everything you need to do the job right the first time!

This product set is used when you are not doing an engine drop, you plan to replace the fuels lines while the engine is in the car which requires removal of the right intake manifold so you can easily replace  “filter to rails” line.


  • 930-110-411-03, Damper to Regulator Fuel Line
  • 930-110-509-01, Regulator to Return Fuel Line
  • 930-110-595-06, Filter to Rails Fuel Line
  • 1 set of 6 intake gaskets
  • 1 set of 3 intermediate flanges for R&R of right-hand intake
  • 1 fuel filter

Our Construction

  • Better Than OEM!
  • Griffiths Kuehl brand fuel lines uses the latest SAE J30R9 hose which has a higher resistance to standard petrol fuel, biofuels and alcohol fuels such as E85.
  • EPA Certified hose and new Steel components have protective coating passing EU recommendations.
  • All hose fitting ends conform to DIN mating standards.

Additional Information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 19 × 4 in

14 reviews for 911, 3.2, Engine Fuel Line Set & RH side manifold gaskets

  1. scott g.

    Quality very nice !

  2. austin simmons

    Well made aftermarket part. Fits right. Works well.

  3. Owen M.

    This is a great, complete kit for replacing the engine bay fuel lines in a 911 with the engine in the car. Removing the right-side intake manifold makes the job easier (definitely not “easy” though), and having the necessary new gaskets for that is great.

  4. Michael Ciavarella

    Quality parts

  5. Dennis R.

    Order was processed and shipped quickly. Well thought out kit and top shelf components. Not installed yet as car still in winter storage. Would be great if there was a kit for the hoses in the tunnel also.

    Glad you are happy with the engine bay fuel lines.
    We are working are reviewing the tunnel lines.

  6. Jim F.

    As with any Griffith product, high quality and perfect fit! I now rest easy knowing the possibility of leaks is no longer a concern!

  7. Pierre B.

    Good , but the protecting spring was not possible to interchange

    • Griff

      Protective Spring was not needed because the lines have “an additional outer braided sleeve overlay which is resistant to chemical degradation, UV radiation, and abrasion.”

  8. Filip De Schepper

  9. Ofek Messika

  10. Manfred Franz Chwojka

  11. Ian Harrison

    Excellent quality better than OE.would highly recommend.

  12. Richard Jackson

    great company!

  13. Joe P.

    The lines fit perfectly and the kit was a big help.

  14. Daniel Jacobs

    Fantastic part from a fantastic company

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