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Porsche 911-930 Kuehl Hurricane Evaporator Motor

(36 customer reviews)


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Porsche 911-930 Kuehl Hurricane Evaporator Motor

Griffiths’ High Output Porsche 911-930 Kuehl Hurricane Evaporator Motor replaces the Porsche 911-930 Evaporator Motor.    Our Kuehl brand Wirbelsturm Hurricane Evaporator Blower Motor puts out 30% more air than the OEM Bosch motor and 15% more air than competitors.

Read our Porsche 911-930 Evaporator Motor Test Data.


  • Porsche 911, 1970-1985, Behr evaporator boxes with flat top covers having a small dimple.  LH  & RH drive cars
  • Porsche 912, 1965-1969, Behr evaporator boxes with flat top covers having a small dimple.  LH  & RH drive cars
  • Porsche 930, 1976-1985, Behr evaporator boxes with flat top covers having a small dimple.  LH and RH drive cars


  • Porsche PN’s 901-624-901-00 and 911-624-899-00: (years up to 1985), and Bosch 0130063043000.

The Kuehl Wirbelsturm Hurricane Motor is a  permanent magnet motor which typically lasts 3-4 times longer than the competitors inexpensive series wound motor.

Translations – German to English

  • Kuehl = Cool
  • Wirbelsturm = Hurricane

The Kuehl Wirbelsturm Hurricane Motor is a  permanent magnet motor which typically lasts 3-4 times longer than the competitors inexpensive series wound motor. The Kuehl motor installs inside the Behr evaporator box and uses the existing OEM blower cage. The design of the Kuehl motor makes installation rather easy: very simple modification, accepts the original steel blower cage and plugs into the existing fan motor power connector.

Fits cars with factory air conditioning having Behr brand evaporator boxes with the earlier style flat top cover with a small dimple that looks like this:

The Kuehl Wirbelsturm Hurricane motor fits vehicles with factory air having a Behr brand evaporator box top as shown here on the left.   The top of the box has a small ‘dimple’. These earlier flat top evaporator covers can also be identified by the orientation of the original motor inside as its shaft points upward and uses a steel blower cage; as opposed to later model evaporator covers having a 2″ high bulge and the motor shaft points downward and uses a plastic blower cage as shown below.





If you have a 911 or 930,  1986 to 1989 model year,  and your evaporator box top looks like the picture on the left you can “back date” your evaporator top to use our motor. To do this you need to locate a good used evaporator box top, with the old motor, metal blower wheel and the plastic platform the motor and blower wheel are mounted on…. from a 1970-1985 year car.   Best sources for locating these parts are dedicated Porsche salvage yards,  Rennlist or Pelican forum classifieds.




911930evapboxpartsThe parts needed  if you have a 1986-1989 year are the following parts found in models 911, 912 and 930 from years 1970-1985:

A)  the older version Behr evaporator box top, part number is 911-573-023-00.

B) the older version metal blower wheel, part number 901-573-906-01

C) the older version plastic platform support, part number 911-573-323-00






Additional Information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 9 in

36 reviews for Porsche 911-930 Kuehl Hurricane Evaporator Motor

  1. Anonymous

    Worked very well and improved air flow.

  2. Christian

    It is incredible how well studdied his products are. Excelent service also when You are on the other side of the world. Better than new. Thank You so much Griff You were there for me even me not being an easy client. Will be back for more Griffiths technology. Thank You

  3. Dave Hanley

    Excellent product and customer service.

  4. PAUL

  5. Christopher Cochran

  6. Matthew Brown

    Vastly better than the original blower motor. Moves much more air. Super easy installation

  7. Michael Keith

    We installed this motor only because the original was noisy. We were pleasantly surprised to find that it moves a lot more air than the original motor.

  8. Daniel Thompson

    As always, a great product, most excellent instructions and quick shipping.

  9. Richard Freeman

    Clear instructions. Works like it should.


    works nice, less noise and more air

  11. Richard

    No question that the fan was stronger. Bottom line the parts worked as described and were straight forward to install as on as I was replacing everything but the rear condensor.

  12. Richard D.

  13. Dan

    Amazing product, beats the stock motor hands down. Well worth it!

  14. Frank

    looks to be just what we needed!

  15. Anonymous

    so powerful !

  16. Marc L.

    5 stars!!! Absolutely love these guys and my AC.

  17. Ira B.

    Installation was fairly straightforward and I’m extremely satisfied with the performance of the motor.

  18. James Ayers

    Blows me away with cool vibes. Better than stock

  19. Paul A.

    What an improvement. Thanks again for the support.

  20. Christian G.

  21. Robert Lynch

    The fan works great, however one of the mounting brackets fell off the motor when I was installing. I epoxied the leg back on. Appeared to be only partially tac welded.

    • Griff

      Sorry to hear about the bracket issue, if you call us we’d replace the unit

  22. Joel Acidera

    Car is ice cold now

  23. David Treichel

  24. Frank M.

    Powerful and silent if needed (I am also using the PWM controller with it to select the speed).

  25. Bryan

    Seems like a significant improvement both in terms of noise and airflow over the factory unit.


    Great quality, easy to install, excellent instructions!

  27. Dirk K.

    Makes the differnce!

  28. danny nguyen

    works like a charm

  29. Chad Ott

    I replaced all components of my original system and the Kuehl products work exceptionally well as a homogenous system.

  30. MICHAEL M.

  31. Joshua W.

  32. Jeff

  33. Roberto Prats

    Notable improvement in the a/c. I am now driving a 1981 911 with an a/c of a much newer car. Awesome buy. Recommend it hands down.

  34. Anonymous

    High quality product exactly as described. Great for the DIY’er who wants better A/C

  35. Will Lujan

  36. Terry Porter

    Blower blows extremely well now.. No noises and with the other updates I did nothing but cold air…

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