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Porsche 911 AC Compressor Upgrade Kit, 1977-83, #1

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Porsche 911 AC Compressor Upgrade Kit, 1977-83, #1

Our Kuehl Porsche 911 AC Compressor Upgrade Kit, 1977-83, #1 offers you the minimum necessary details to get your air conditioning system up and running when its time to upgrade your compressor. Our Porsche 911 AC Compressor Upgrade Kit, 1977-1983, #1, is suggested where budget is your prime concern. We also offer more comprehensive kits you can read about below, under “You may also like…”.

The Kuehl Porsche 911 AC Compressor Upgrade Kit, 1977-1983, #1,  kit offers many benefits over the original York or Tecumseh compressor found on the early Porsche 911. Our Kuehl 507 Porsche 911 air conditioning compressor uses a “wobble-plate” to move five smaller pistons, as compared to the Porsche 911 York air conditioning compressor that uses a crankshaft to move two large pistons. Our Kuehl 507 Porsche 911 air conditioning compressor’s wobble-plate design requires less horse power to turn and runs smoother than the old Porsche 911 York compressor, and is a better match for the condenser area. Our Kuehl 507 Porsche 911 air conditioning compressor kit uses less engine compartment space making engine maintenance easier (spark plug or oil filter R&R).

With our Kuehl compressor you will notice your Porsche 911 air conditioning system runs smoother and quieter with its new improved efficiency. Our Kuehl 507 Porsche 911 compressor comes with our Kuehl Kwick light weight steel mounting adapter bracket which bolts directly to the original York base. The Kuehl Kwick light weight steel adapter bracket has been CAD designed to reduce weight but not sacrifice strength where it is needed. Compared to cheap cast aluminum brackets offered by knock-off competitors, the Kuehl bracket will save you lots of time during installation and you’ll avoid the knuckle scraping during belt alignment as experienced with cheap kits.

Fits these Applications

  • LH and RH drive models
  • Porsche 911 non-turbo, 1977 up through 1983
  • Drier located in LH front fender

Kit # 1 Includes

  • New compressor with clutch, compatible with R134a and R12
  • Ester refrigerant oil, compatible with R134a or R12
  • R134a charge port adapters.
  • Kuehl Kwick mounting bracket & hardware
  • New compressor to rear deck lid condenser barrier hose line assembly with SAE approved crimped fittings and our high-low pressure switch feature. The condenser side fitting of the hose assembly will be flare.
  • New compressor to evaporator barrier short hose; with SAE crimped fitting on the compressor side. This allows you to cut & splice to old suction line in the engine compartment using a barb fitting with clamps supplied in the kit.
  • New Receiver Drier, Porsche configuration.
  • Detailed installation instructions
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty on Compressor, 3 Year Limited Warranty on Hose Lines

Note – before you order:

This kit is for cars originally having factory type a/c, having:

  • A) York type compressor base plates supported on the rear engine mount and head, as opposed to some earlier aftermarket compressor base plates that were supported on the cam chain cover studs. The preferred compressor base plate arrangement is supported on the rear engine mount. If you have any doubt of the mount type please call us or send an email to discuss this before ordering. We have new factory type compressor base mounts in stock.
  • B) Verify that your deck lid condenser fittings are “flare” type.
  • C) When you place your order please note in the drop down box the current type of refrigerant oil in your system. We  provide in the shipment either Ester or PAG. Mineral oil was used with original R12 refrigerant. Ester can be used with either R12 or R134a refrigerants. PAG can only be used with R134a refrigerant. If you are unsure as to what refrigerant oil you presently have please contact us and we will assist you.

Additional Information

Weight 28 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 13 in
Refrigerant Oil Type


3 reviews for Porsche 911 AC Compressor Upgrade Kit, 1977-83, #1

  1. Duane B.

    Worked better than advertised


    Excellent product. Instructions are very detailed and make the installation straight forward. No special tools required for installation. Make sure you have a reputable AC Service Center evacuate and charge your system correctly. Installation took me about 5 hours, minus the time to take the care to my AC Service location. System works great and blows 45 degrees F at idle. That works fine for me here in Colorado.


    Excellent product quality and support! Great instructions!!

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