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91157305704 Porsche 911 AC Rear Condenser

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91157305704, 911-573-057-04

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91157305704 Porsche 911 AC Rear Condenser

91157305704 Porsche 911 AC Rear Condenser, 911-573-057-04

Rear Engine Deck Lid Condenser

Griffiths’ Kuehl brand 91157305704 Porsche 911 AC Rear Condenser under the rear engine deck lid as like the factory condenser.   Our design is alike the OEM two row tube and fin construction.

Your original condenser may become damaged over time from corrosion, objects contacting the condenser or while re-connecting the inlet and outlet AC lines.

Replacement of the 91157305704 Porsche 911 AC Rear Condenser requires the following:

  1. Recovery of refrigerant from the system prior to removal
  2. Disconnecting the 2 hose connections (use two wrenches to avoid damaging evaporator fittings).
  3. Removal of the nuts and bolts on the 2 side support brackets.
  4. Installing a new receiver drier.
  5. Evacuation, charge and testing of the ac system.



  • New Aftermarket stock design unit
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty
  • R134a and R12 compatible
  • Includes new o-rings


  • Porsche 911, 1984-1989, (without a rear wiper) and o-ring hose fittings

Replaces OEM Part Numbers

  • 91157305704, 911 573 057 04, 911-573-057-04, 911.573.057.04


  • If you have 911 has carbs rather than fuel injection you will have to check the clearance between the deck lid and the top of the air filters on the RH side carbs and filters prior to ordering.
  • Feel free to contact us to discuss this issue.

Additional Information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 37 × 13 × 7 in

8 reviews for 91157305704 Porsche 911 AC Rear Condenser

  1. John Hudson

    Excellent service

  2. Evan D.

    Very high quality parts that fit. The system was designed specifically for my application and fit perfectly. Very clear instructions and the few questions I had were answered promptly over the phone or email. My A/C is working better than new. Highly recommended!

  3. Christopher Cooper

  4. Mark S.

    Everything went very smoothly. This was a go-back item where I used Griffiths products for a complete A/C system replacement, but decided to try to salvage the rear deck lid condenser. Once I decided to replace it, it happened that my car was in the shop for other items. So it was great that Griffiths could drop-ship it to the shop and installation was seamless / quick.
    (One thing I didn’t figure out until later is that I needed one of the mounting brackets, and they are not easy to come by. So recommend to others that you inspect the as-is area before so you know if any miscellaneous related parts are needed to be bought or fabricated)

  5. Pedro

    Quality product and awesome customer service.

  6. Steve Varrasso

  7. Will Lujan

  8. Steve Varrasso

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  • Driers – 3 years
  • Electrical Components – 1 year
  • Expansion Valves – 2 years
  • Fuel Lines – 3 years
  • Oil Lines – 3 years
  • Mechanical Hardware – 1 year
  • Vents – 1 year

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