93057315008 PS, 93057315004 PS, Porsche 930 AC Barrier Hose

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93057315008 PS, 93057315004 PS, Porsche 930 AC Barrier Hose

Griffiths’ Kuehl brand 93057315008 PS, 93057315004 PS Porsche 930 AC Barrier Hose is the Compressor outlet to Engine Deck Lid Condenser Barrier Hose Assembly.  93057315008 PS supersedes from 93057315004 PS. This hose attaches to outlet manifold on the stock Nippondenso Compressor, is supported on the RH deck lid hinge and attaches to the inlet port on the stock 930 deck lid condenser.   Incorporated in the hose design is Griffiths’ low-high pressure switch which helps to  prevent the compressor from operating when system pressures are too low or too high; this function helps with compressor life.  The switch feature is already wired and terminated to connect between the AC power supply wire by the oil filter and the compressor clutch.  Just plug and go.

The original factory hose tends to get damaged over time from engine heat and up and down movement of the deck lid.

Replacement of the 93057315008 PS Porsche 930 AC Barrier Hose assembly requires the following:

  1. Recovery of refrigerant from the system prior to removal
  2. Disconnecting the ends at compressor outlet and the engine deck lid condenser (use two wrenches to avoid damaging condenser fittings).
  3. Removal of the support hose clamp on the hood hinge.
  4. Installing a new receiver drier.
  5. Simply plugging in the pre-terminated spade terminals on the 2 switch wires, one to the AC power supply wire by the oil filter and the other to your clutch wire.
  6. Evacuation, charge and testing of the ac system.
  • compatible with both R12 & R134a refrigerants
  • 3 year limited warranty


  • Porsche 930 1984-89 with Nippondenso compressors with o-ring fittings and stock engine deck lid condenser with o-ring fittings
  • LH and RH Drive models


Replaces OEM Part Number

  • 930-573-150-04S

Kuehl Pressure Switch Info

  • The Kuehl high/low pressure switch connects between the compressor and ac power wire (by the oil filter).
  • The Kuehl switch helps to protect your system and compressor by preventing the compressor clutch from engaging when system pressures are too low or high
  • The switch is “automatic” and resets itself
  • Very easy to install, just simply plug in the pre-terminated wires and forget about!
  • Includes new o-rings.


  • If you have a different compressor other than Nippondenso (original type equipment), such as a Sanden, Seiko or other, or if your deck lid condenser is not stock and does not have an oring fitting, please see our other hose options which may fit more properly
  • Please contact us for further assistance

The 1984-1989 930 did not have any pressure switch, and if you are converting to R134a certain Federal and State requirements mandate you do have one: quote from the EPA:

“In addition, systems that are not equipped with a high-pressure cutout switch should have one installed to prevent damage to a/c parts and to prevent refrigerant emissions. The installation of a high-pressure cutout switch will shut off the compressor when high pressures are encountered, reducing the possibility of venting the refrigerant and overheating the engine cooling system.”

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 10 in

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