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Porsche 930 Turbo AC Barrier Hose Set, LH Drive, PS


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Porsche 930 Turbo AC Barrier Hose Set, LH Drive, PS

Griffiths’ Kuehl Porsche 930 Turbo AC Barrier Hose Set, LH Drive, PS.  Consists of 5 complete factory configured barrier hoses, PLUS our binary low-high pressure switch. Each hose assembly matches the original factory design fit.  The o-ring fittings are crimped and properly orientated and each hose end has a label so you know where they go.  The set of hoses comes complete with all the o-rings you will need plus detailed installation instructions.  The pressure switch is pre-terminated and plugs right into the existing power supply terminal and the compressor clutch.

Stock configuration Kuehl Barrier Hose Set for 1984-1989 930 LH drive cars

  • All hoses in the set are o-ring fittings, new o-rings included
  • Kuehl brand barrier hose assembly with 3 year limited warranty


  • Porsche 930, 1984-1989 cars with OEM “stock” type Nippondenso compressor

5 OEM style (stock) hoses as follows

  • Compressor to Engine Deck Lid Condenser with pressure switch
  • Deck lid condenser to Front Condenser
  • Front condenser to Drier
  • Drier (located in LH front fender) to Expansion Valve
  • Evaporator to Compressor


  • If this hose set does not match your compressor, system layout or fitting requirements, please see our other hose options which may fit more properly
  • Please contact by phone or email and we can build a custom set to meet your needs

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Griffiths offers a limited warranty for all products.

Briefly, our time period of our limited warranty is as follows:

  • Barrier hoses – 3 years
  • Condensers – 3 years
  • Compressors – 1 year
  • Driers – 3 years
  • Electrical Components – 1 year
  • Expansion Valves – 2 years
  • Fuel Lines – 3 years
  • Oil Lines – 3 years
  • Mechanical Hardware – 1 year
  • Vents – 1 year

For complete details of our Limited Warranties please visit our Warranties page.


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