Porsche 924s, 944, 951, 968 AC Driers



Purchase Kuehl 924s, 944, 951, 968 Driers direct from Griffiths.


Griffiths offers Porsche 924s, 944, 951, and 968 AC Driers. Our driers are R12 and R134a compatible for model years 1983-1995.  Driers should be changed when you changing refrigerant types, oil types, the drier is over 4 years old, when their are signs of excessive moisture in the system (expansion valve sticking), signs of contamination such as debris or gelled oil, or you have had a compressor break down or lock up.

Porsche 924, 944, 951, 968 Drier Part Numbers

Griffiths manufactures Kuehl Driers to replace all of the following part numbers:

924s, 944, 951, 968 AC Driers
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