Porsche 924s, 944, 951, 968 AC Condensers



Purchase Kuehl 924s, 944, 951, 968 AC Condensers direct from Griffiths.


Griffiths offers Kuehl high performance AC Condensers for the Porsche 924s, 944, 951, and 968 models.

The Kuehl 944 PF condenser is a direct drop-in & bolt-on replacement for the stock factory condenser found on early models. The benefit of the Kuehl 944 PF is in the unique parallel tube design which is found in today’s vehicles using R134a. Rather than using old-fashioned round tubing, the Kuehl 944 PF has many thin multi-channel extrusions to channel the flow of refrigerant. This design is more efficient and it allows for greater heat transfer. The Kuehl 944 PF Condenser is compatible with R12 and R134a. Includes new o-rings for hose connections. Comes with our 3 Year Limited Warranty.

What’s involved in replacing your condenser?

Figure 1/2 day on a weekend. All you need is a set of jack stands, floor jack and common tools.

  1. Start off with no refrigerant in the system, if there is refrigerant just visit you local repair shop and ask them to recover (remove) the refrigerant from the system.
  2. Jack the car up (safely) in the front on both sides and properly support with jack stands.
  3. Drop the splash pan from under the engine.
  4. Use the two-wrench method (hold the hex fitting on the condenser port tubes with one wrench, and loosen the nut on the ac hose fitting) to disconnect the 2 AC hoses from the condenser.
  5. Remove the old o-rings and clean the fittings.
  6. Use a small socket wrench to remove the hex bolts that hold the condenser to the front end, one bolt on each side.
  7. The condenser drops down; at the top of the condenser are rubber bushings that aligned it to the two top support pins.
  8. Swap over the rubber bushings to your new Kuehl condenser.
  9. Install the condenser in reverse order.
  10. Use the 2 new o-rings supplied, affixing them to the hose-end fittings. Lightly lubricate with refrigerant oil. Tighten up the fittings.
  11. Reinstall the splash pan.
  12. Carefully lower the car.
  13. Replace the old receiver drier using new o-rings a well.
  14. Have your system professionally evacuated, re-charged with refrigerant and tested for leaks. You’re done!

Porsche 924, 944, 951, 968 AC Condenser Part Numbers

Griffiths manufactures Kuehl AC Condensers to replace all of the following part numbers:

924, 944, 951, 968 Condensers
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