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Porsche 930 AC Compressors & Upgrade Kits



Purchase Griffiths 930 AC Compressor Upgrade kits, Porsche Nippondenso compressors, and Porsche 930 Denso compressors direct from Griffiths.

930 Compressors & Upgrade Kits

930 Compressors & Upgrade Kits

Porsche 930 Nippondenso compressors, Denso compressors, and Griffiths Compressor Upgrade Kits


Griffiths offers Porsche 930 AC Compressors & Upgrade Kits for the Porsche 930 Air Conditioning system. Your compressor replacement options vary depending on the year of your Porsche.

Porsche 930 (1976-1982) Compressor Replacement Options

When replacing the compressor on a Porsche 930 from 1976 – 1982, we suggest using a Kuehl compressor or compressor kit.

Kuehl 507 Rotary Piston Compressor Upgrade Kits

Porsche 911 Air Conditioning Kuehl Compressor Kit updgrades

The Kuehl 507 compressor uses an updated “wobble-plate” design, similar to a Sanden compressor. The wobble-plate moves five smaller pistons, compared to the York which uses a crankshaft to move two large pistons. The Kuehl 507 compressor requires less horse power to turn and is a better match for the condenser area. Griffiths’ Kuehl 507 upgrade kit also takes up less space in the engine compartment. It runs noticeably smoother & quieter than the York, and also improves system efficiency.

The Kuehl 507 compressor upgrade and its Kuehl Kwick mounting bracket bolt directly to the original York sub or base plate, which saves you considerable time and knuckle scraping during installation. Our Kuehl-507 upgrade kits are available in 3 configurations to match your objectives & budget. These kits range from bare bones compressor w/ essential replacements to complete system overhaul, including new upgraded Kuehl AC Barrier Hoses.

All Kuehl-507 kits include our exclusive “high-low” pressure cut-out switch feature. The switch prevents the system from running when the high side pressure is either too low or too high. This helps prevent compressor failure and is required by the EPA in some states. We offer Kuehl-507 upgrade kits in R12 or R134a. We also offer Kuehl-507 upgrade kits bundled with our Kuehl Condenser Systems in a larger package for additional cost savings.

Porsche 930 (1983-1989) Compressor Replacement

We recommend our Nippondenso compressor with clutch for the Porsche 930, years 1983-1989. It is a direct replacement for the original Nippondenso compressor. The pumping capacity matches that of the OEM and it bolts right on.

Nippondenso swash plate piston Compressor


Porsche 930 Compressor Part Numbers

Griffiths offers compressors and upgrade kits to replace all of the following part numbers:

Porsche 930 Compressors
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